Boat People

I once heard someone say that “fellowship” was simply two guys in a boat rowing in the same direction. In our little fellowship here the Lord continues to send people that seem to have a desire to be in this boat, and to row in the same spiritual direction.

There were a few that attended week one that were gone this weekend, but the Lord added three people.
Two of the three were a couple who recently moved back to this area from Hawaii, where they attended a Calvary Chapel for several years. When they came through the door they told me that they were now living in Bismark, a neighboring town to Farmington.
I said to the wife, “I have family in Bismark. They would be either the Knight or Layton family.”
She asked,”Do you know Loren Knight?”
I replied, “Yes, he is my grandpa.”
She then laughed and stated, “He is my uncle.”
This woman is a distant cousin of mine. She and her husband came back to Bismark from Hawaii with with the intention of beginning a Bible study there. Their hope is that there would be a Calvary Chapel in that town.
God continues to amaze.
Please pray that He will continue to bring people to our boat who have a desire to row in the direction the Lord has laid out for us.
Please pray for us to know and follow His will as we continue to daily navigate unchartered waters.

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