Building Basements

Even though Lucinda has been gone to San Diego, it was a good week. A few families in our fellowship had me over for dinner on various evenings. I am grateful. It saved me from the gourmet meal I would have cooked for myself consisting of mini corn dogs and microwavable French fries.

Last night we had our third Bible study. We continued our look at the four pillars for a healthy church, listed in Acts 2:42. Our topic was the Breaking of the Bread. How exciting it was to take communion together for the first time.
Once again, there were new people last night. It is such a blessing to watch God begin to build the body here.
It’s been said that the most important element in any building project is it’s foundation.While I was pondering this last week, I received an email from Pastor Gary Lawton. One portion of it read, “most of the work (in a church plant) to begin is below the surface- like laying the foundation and digging the basement. The house will go up faster once that work is accomplished. Just keep showing up, the Lord is doing his quiet, unseen and crucial work.”
What a timely message.

Please pray for us that we would just continue to show up and let the Lord do the work.

May God get the glory.

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