Blossoms and Blooms

Spring in Missouri is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is unpredictable, yet normally temperate. The flowers and trees are beginning to blossom and bloom in various stages. The grass is green. The little furry woodland creatures are now accompanied by young. That which has been dormant is now producing. Springtime brings undeniable evidence of life.

If there was one thought that keeps coming to mind as I process the Easter weekend here at Parkland Chapel, it would be, there was evidence of life. The Good Friday Service was attended by almost everyone in our fellowship. The Sunrise Service that we hosted with Living Water Chapel was attended by nearly 150 people, and 30-40 of those were visitors! Our very first Parkland Chapel Easter Service saw 32 adults and 13 children come through the doors! Once again, there were more than a few visitors.

I write the above, not to focus on the numbers. The numbers would be considered great in some circles and very poor in others. I give the numbers only as the evidence of what God has been doing since before we ever began the bible study in our basement nine months ago. Some would have looked upon this soil, and many of these souls, as dead. God saw that they were simply dormant. He is now beginning to bring forth buds and blossoms. We are leafing out as a body of Christ.

The Lord is beginning to open up outside fellowship opportunities. Some of the ladies are headed to a Calvary Chapel Women’s Retreat, in Ditmer Missouri, this weekend. In a few weeks a group of guys will be taking an overnight canoe trip down the Jacks Fork River. We are becoming a church that reaches upward (worshiping the Lord through worship and the word), inward (fellowshipping together inside and outside of our building walls), and outward (personal and corporate outreach).

A man who has been coming for the last few weeks sent me an email that read “I have enjoyed the past few weeks. I can feel the life, and I like it.”

Please pray that many would find and feel “the Life”. Please pray for continued unity and spiritual growth in our body.

Please forgive me for the lack of pictures. We were so passionate about the people that we forgot the Polaroid.

God bless,

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