“2008 Review”

2008 was a fantastic year at Parkland Chapel. I thought I’d take a moment to give you a glimpse at what the Lord did here in our body over the past year.

We have continued to grow numerically. From the 12 adults and six kids that began in our basement three and a half years ago, we now average around 80 adults and 30 kids. Twelve men, women and children professed faith through baptism this year. Five new babies were dedicated. Our Men’s and Women’s Fellowships continue to be healthy places for people to dig in and deepen their spiritual walk. Ever since the church began we have had tons of kids. The children’s ministry is now overseen by a terrific couple and staffed with a talented team of teachers and leaders. On Sunday mornings we have a bustling nursery, pre-k class, k-2nd grade class, 3rd -6th grade class, and we recently added a youth fellowship (the youth meet on Sunday evenings).

To accommodate our growing group we remodeled the 2nd building early last year. It is now the home of the older kid’s class and youth fellowship, as well as the men’s and women’s Bible study. It also doubles as a fellowship hall. Last year we had several birthday parties and a wedding reception there. In the fall we replaced the old garage door, which brooded over the children’s area, with a new set of glass double doors. Recently we linked the two buildings with a beautiful sidewalk and added a spacious pad outside the aforementioned double doors.

Fellowship is a hallmark of our church. 2008 saw four picnics, a Harvest Festival, a Progressive Dinner, a Women’s Tea, and our first ever Christmas Eve Communion Service. People continue to stay 30 minutes to an hour after every service in fellowship. Speaking of the services, the worship team rocks-musically and spiritually-and the teaching is off the hook (it was a joke…about the teaching I mean…I promise, it was a joke). All that was to say this: neater than the numerical growth is the spiritual growth in individual lives. When we follow His simple plan the Lord transforms lives, and transformed lives reproduce themselves.

One of the signs that Parkland Chapel is growing spiritually is that we are growing in the area of outreach. This past year our church tithed on the tithes that you gave. This means that we as a church gave a tenth of the total tithes and offerings we received to support other ministries and to be involved in missions, locally and foreign. On a monthly basis we support The Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center (I also mentor dad’s there on Monday evenings), The Havertape’s (missionaries to Russia), and Far Reaching Ministries (whom I went to Sudan with in the past summer). We are also involved in supporting a building project for an orphanage in Mumbai, (we are praying towards sending a team there in the summer of 2020). Our local outreach included our second year of participation in the Help the Hungry food drive (many in our body were involved), a weekly Bible study at the Missouri Sexual Offenders Treatment Center here in Farmington, and a weekday radio ministry called “Line Upon Line” that airs weekdays on 89.3 KTBJ, out of Festus. In addition, the youth are beginning to get involved in service projects within the Farmington School District.

I look forward to 2009. I praise the Lord He has given me the opportunity to serve you. A pastor couldn’t ask for a finer flock.

God bless,

Pastor Mike

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