“State of the Church Address”

Write the things which you have seen (past), the things which are (present), and the things which will take place after this (future)…(Rev. 1:19)

This past year (2010)…

  • January: We sponsored the movie To Save a Life, and hosted a Skate Park Boys Lock-In.
  • February: We sponsored a Skate Park Girls Lock-In, discontinued Guys Wednesday Nights, began Wednesday Evenings through the Old Testament, and began Sunday Night Sharing Meetings.
  • April: We had a church Work Day (where we began clearing some of our unused acreage) and we gathered for a Good Friday Agape Feast.
  • June:  We discontinued the Sharing Meetings, held a Picnic at the McKinney’s, and eight of us took a short term mission trip went to .
  • July: We hosted our first ever VBS, and we had Daniel Massieh come share his (during which God spared us from a tornado!).
  • August: We held a picnic and baptism at St. Francois State Park.
  • September: We sent gifts to over 50 children at Sathyam (Truth) Orphanage in India.
  • October: We were involved at the Pregnancy Resource Center Walk for Life, held our 5th annual Fall Festival, and had the church pond dam repaired.
  • November: We had a Work Day to continue clearing the land, sponsored a booth at the Help the Hungry Bake Sale, conducted a food drive for the Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry, sent shoes to Africa with Shoe Man Project, and had the church parking lot re-graveled.
  • December: We sent gifts to the residents at Farmington Manor and worshipped together at our 3rd annual Christmas Eve Service.


  • We have people that volunteer at the Parkland Pregnancy Resource Center and the Mental Health Hospital. Others lead Bible studies and/or prayer groups at Farmington Manor, Farmington Skate Park, Farmington Middle School, Farmington High School and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coaches Huddle.
  • We support monthly: The Pregnancy Resource Center, The Havertapes (Russia), Young Faith in Christ (we buy pizza for the weekly Bible study), Far Reaching Ministries (Africa and abroad), Truth Ministries (India—we fully support 10 church plant pastors) and Daniel Massieh/Open The Gates Ministries (Arab world).
  • Inside the church walls, faithful servants greet/usher, run audio/video, lead worship, teach our children (nursery-youth), cut the lawn, upkeep the website, clean the facilities and lead Bible studies.

For this upcoming year (2011):

  • The Lord impressed upon my heart one word—PRAY.
  • Therefore…
    • We will have prayer meetings for the Sunday service on Sunday mornings from 8:00-8:30 AM, in the 2nd building.
    • We will hold Friday Night Home Prayer Meetings beginning the first week in March.
    • And of course, we will continue to send out your prayer requests and praises via email whenever there is a need.
    • The elders, deacons and I will be fasting and praying one day a week throughout the course of this year.

I would like to challenge everyone in the church to fast and pray one day a month. (This can be done in the course of your regular schedule, or, you can separate yourself from daily responsibilities solely for that . Either way, I believe you will find that this small sacrifice will reap great dividends in your life personally and our church corporately.)

By the way, prayer and fasting are not optional activities for the Christian; Jesus said “When (not if) you pray” and “When (not if) you fast…”(Matt. 6:6,17). (Just thought I’d lend a little exhortation.)

Thanks for allowing God to work through you. May He do “exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think” through us this year.

Pastor Mike

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