Everything You Need to Know About Camp!

Camp Dates and Fee:

***TEEN CAMP*** (Grades 7-12; July 13-16); $225 Basic Registration
Teen Girls Camp is full – we are no longer accepting registration for teen girls.

Kids Camp (Grades 4-6; July 16-18); $185 Basic Registration (rope course not available)

Deposit and Payment:
You must make a minimum deposit of $30 per student upon registration. Deposits are NOT refundable after June 15th.
• The price for all campers increases $16 on 6/29/20
• Your balance must be paid in full by July 5.
• There are NO refunds after July 5.

Registration for Camp Elevate 2020 is closed.

Print and sign the Eagle Sky Participant Release Form for each student attending.

Print and sign the Camp Elevate Permission Form for each student attending.

Print and sign the Covid Waiver Form for each student attending.

Print and sign the Medication Dispensing Form if needed for each student attending.

Return all printed forms to Linnette Woodson or Christa McKinney.

You can contact Linnette Woodson (573-270-3920) for kids camp or Christa McKinney (573-701-6528) for teen camp.
– Pay online (full payment required by July 5) – select Camp Elevate Fund. You do not need to ‘cover fees’ on tithe.ly.  You can make one total payment for multiple students.
– Check payable to Parkland Chapel (full payment required by July 5)

Travel Arrangements:
We will caravan from Parkland Chapel to Camp Eagle Sky.  We will update this information as available.

What to Pack:
Bible/Journal/Pencil. Flashlight optional.
Sleeping Bag/blanket/twin sheets and Pillow
Swimsuit (Girls: One piece bathing suit, please! Boys bring swim shirt!)
Towel(s) and anything you might need for showering. (Consider bringing shower shoes.)
Clothing, sturdy shoes for lots of walking and suitable for sports
Personal care products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

What NOT to Pack:
Things that would be hard (or expensive) to replace if lost or damaged.
Electronic games.

There will be a camp nurse. Please complete the medication form above if applicable.