September So Soon?

This week marks three months since we left San Diego. I cannot believe that the summer is already behind us. How time has flown. It was a great and exiting season full of change and emotion. New is always exciting,


About six months ago I read the book “L’abri”. It is the story of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, who were missionaries to Switzerland throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies. They opened their home at the foot of the Swiss Alps to travelers of every kind, as a L’abri.

Building Basements

Even though Lucinda has been gone to San Diego, it was a good week. A few families in our fellowship had me over for dinner on various evenings. I am grateful. It saved me from the gourmet meal I would have cooked for myself consisting of mini corn dogs and microwavable French fries.

Boat People

I once heard someone say that “fellowship” was simply two guys in a boat rowing in the same direction. In our little fellowship here the Lord continues to send people that seem to have a desire to be in this boat, and to row in the same spiritual direction.

Parkland Chapel Begins

This week was an exciting one. Lucinda and I bought stackable chairs for the Bible study, as well as a few supplies to accommodate the children we prayed would come. It turns out, that later on in the week, Lucinda’s aunt donated an abundance of toys and chairs for the children’s ministry. Praise the Lord, […]

Farmington Firsts

Lucinda and I just completed our first week in Farmington. It was a week of firsts. We met many people for the first time, including most of our neighbors. We made our first trip to Wal-Mart, (the first of many). We had our first opportunity to wave at the garbage man as he sped by […]

The Journey Begins

Lucinda and I will begin our journey across country during the week of June 13th. Please pray for God’s protection as we travel, His patience as we unpack, and His preparation in the hearts of those who will attend this new Bible study which begins on July 10.