Practice & Principles

We believe this simple pattern, outlined in Acts 2:42, provides a healthy model for the church today. As is true of each believer, each church family should have a specific and unique ministry area. Foundational to our fellowship is the constant and unwavering commitment to prioritize these aspects of church body life:

Teaching: The Bible is Gods Word (I Tim 3:16). We teach the greatest book ever written, cover to cover, book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse.

Fellowship: The mark of a disciple of Jesus Christ is love one to another (John 13:34-35). During our meetings we encourage interaction, prayer and assistance for one another as brothers and sisters.

Communion: Communion (along with baptism), is an important element in our spiritual life (Luke 22:17-20). We provide regular times to reflect, remember, and rejoice in the sacrifice of our Savior.

Prayer: Jesus said “Pray Always!” (Luke 18:1). We are committed to regular times of prayer for thanksgiving, direction, and intercession. The best way to learn to pray is to pray!

Discipleship: As Jesus modeled and instructed (Matthew 28:19-20) we are to disciple those around us. Everyone called to disciple. We provide oppotunities for all our people from all types of backgrounds and ways of life  to engage in smaller groups.