“Eyeing India”

C.V. Vadavana of Sathyam Minstries shares the current and future mission work going in India.

“Truth Ministries International”

Dr. C. V. Vadavana, shares his ministries in India, June 10, Sunday morning service.

“India Travelogue 2011”

It has been six days since me and my two traveling companions made it back to Missouri, and I am feeling just enough adjusted back to Central Standard Time to attempt an overview of our 10 day trip to India. Before I begin, let me thank you for all of the prayers and support during […]

“State of the Church Address”

Write the things which you have seen (past), the things which are (present), and the things which will take place after this (future)…(Rev. 1:19)

“Merry Christmas India”

For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him. (Matthew 6:8) Years ago I took a course called Experiencing God, that was aimed at helping believers identify and actively engage in God’s will for their lives. One of the foundational statements went something like this…‘be on the lookout for what […]

“The First Five Years”

Five years ago this weekend Parkland Chapel began in my basement. Reflecting on the past and considering the future, I decided to share some thoughts about Calvary Chapel church planting, using the acrostic CHURCH. (This is my first attempt at an acrostic. I still carry around mild emotional scarring from a steamy August summer camp […]

“India Through the Eyes of Eight”

Testimony of the missionary team to India.

“India Running Journal”

I always implore anyone who will listen to journal. Hoping to convince them, I share of the ways God has blessed me over the past six years; the time span that I have been a journaler (I know, I know, “journaler” is not a word). I then add jokingly, “And don’t call it a diary.” […]

“India In Sight”

On Wednesday, June 16th, eight of us from our fellowship will embark upon a 10 day trip to India. Once there, we will hold VBS at the Truth Ministries International orphanage and at a local YMCA, train pastors and teachers at two separate conferences, conduct an evangelistic outreach, and perform a drama in different churches […]

“Me, Myself, and Eye”

In January of this year I read a book entitled, “God’s Generals, the Revivalists”. It was given to me as a Christmas present by a friend who knows I am a lover of biographies. The book gives biographical sketches from the lives of the men and women who were used mightily by God, from the […]

“India Illuminated”

On Sunday morning, July 19th, CV Vadavana, Founder and Director of Sathyam Ministries, was our guest speaker at Parkland Chapel. After church a group of us gathered for an impromptu picnic lunch at Engler Park.

“2008 Review”

2008 was a fantastic year at Parkland Chapel. I thought I’d take a moment to give you a glimpse at what the Lord did here in our body over the past year.

“A Mumbai Mission in the Making”

Short term missionary Michele Fujioka shares her heart vision for expanding an orphanage in Mumbai, India.