“#5 Tiberias”

A trip to Israel is a life altering event. Having gone, never again will you read the Bible the same way. For the rest of your life every time you open the pages of the word of God you will engage it with all five senses. This is surely one of the reasons it’s said […]

“#4 Caesarea Maritima”

Coming in at number four in my top five places to visit in Israel is Caesarea by the Sea. Built by Herod the Great between the years 25-13bc, and situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Caesarea National Park is one of the most extensive–and beautiful–archeological excavations you can visit.

“#3 The Western Wall”

My third favorite place to visit while in Israel is the western wall. The western wall, situated atop Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem’s Old City, is actually a remaining support wall erected during the Temple reconstruction initiated by Herod the Great.

“#2 Caesarea Philippi”

Nestled in the Golan Heights is the site of my second favorite place to visit in Israel. In modern times called Banias, It was originally named Paneas, after Pan, the half-man half-goat Greek god that was worshipped there. In 14ad Phillip the Tetrarch renamed the city Caesarea Philippi in honor of Caesar Augustus and himself.

“#1 En Gedi”

Situated on the western shore of the Dead Sea, the En Gedi nature reserve is my favorite place to visit in all of Israel.