Galatians 1 Part 4

“A Testimony Worth Telling” A verse by verse study of Galatians 1:11-24, from our August 3rd Sunday morning worship service.


Francisco Valencia sharing his testimony. November 15, Sunday Morning service

“Guest Speaker”

Testimony of Marco Van Raaltan

“India Through the Eyes of Eight”

Testimony of the missionary team to India.

“From Mohammed to The Messiah”

Testimony of Daniel Massieh, Open The Gates Ministry.

“State of the Church Address”

Write the things which you have seen (past), the things which are (present), and the things which will take place after this (future)…(Rev. 1:19)

“Bread For Life”

Ernest Ehabe, from Bread For Life ministry ,  shares his testimony

“Jasmine DeAndres Testimony”

Testimony of Jasmime DeAndres, May18, Wednesday evening service.

“Don’t Stop Believing”

Marcus Archer Testimony, Sept 7, Wednesday night service.

“India Travelogue 2011”

It has been six days since me and my two traveling companions made it back to Missouri, and I am feeling just enough adjusted back to Central Standard Time to attempt an overview of our 10 day trip to India. Before I begin, let me thank you for all of the prayers and support during […]

“September Prayer Meeting: Testimony”

Personal testimony of Doug Wade, as part of the September 2016 prayer meeting, Wednesday evening, September 14.

“Testimony: Caleb Owens”

Testimony of Caleb Owens at January 24, 2018, prayer meeting.

“Testimony: Ashley Barron”

Testimony of Ashley Barron at Monthly Prayer Meeting, March 28, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Dave and Luann Honerkamp”

Testimony of Dave and Luann Honerkamp at Monthly Prayer Meeting, August 15, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Nikki Samples”

Testimony of Nikki Samples at Monthly Prayer Meeting, September 26, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Robin Wade”

Testimony of Robin Wade at Monthly Prayer Meeting, October 24, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Sarah Wilkins”

Testimony of Sarah Wilkins at Monthly Prayer Meeting, January 23, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Chris Kazmierczak”

Testimony of Chris Kazmierczak at Monthly Prayer Meeting, February 20, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Carl Williams”

Testimony of Carl Williams at Monthly Prayer Meeting, March 20, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Linda Warenberg”

Testimony of Linda Warenberg at Monthly Prayer Meeting, September 18, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Steve Cooper”

Testimony of Steve Cooper at Monthly Prayer Meeting, January 22, Wednesday evening service.

“Testimony: Dave Talley”

Testimony of Dave Talley at Monthly Prayer Meeting, February 12, Wednesday evening service.