Our Team


Mike Harrison

Lead Pastor

Mike is married to Lucinda. They have two children. He grew up in Ellington, Missouri. Before planting Parkland Chapel in 2005, Mike was a youth pastor at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego, California.  In 2018 he earned his Masters in Applied Theology at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon.  When not studying the Bible, Mike can be found fishing and wishing he could eat more twinkies.

Todd Mckinney

Administrative Pastor

Todd is married to Christa. They have two children. He grew up in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Todd has a Masters in Secondary Education Administration from Southeast Missouri State University. In 2022 he retired from 25 years of working in the Farmington School District. Todd and Christa are also youth leaders. When not at church, Todd likes to watch sports, visit with friends, and take his dog for a ride in his truck to get a Diet Coke.

Jordan Ankrom

Associate Pastor

Jordan is married to Alana. He grew up in Farmington, Missouri and went to college at Central Methodist University to study environmental science and play basketball. After graduation and some time in camp ministry in Minnesota, he has returned to serve at Parkland Chapel. He can be found helping the youth, maintaining the grounds, or assisting in pastoral duties. In his free time Jordan loves to hunt and fish.

Jerrod Tune

Worship Pastor

Jerrod is married to Deanna. They have one child. Jerrod grew up in Fredericktown, Missouri. Before coming to Parkland Chapel, he served in other churches and was once a school bus driver. Jerrod has been our worship leader since 2014. He has a Bachelor of Religious Studies in Christian Ministry. When not working at church, Jerrod likes to spend time with his family and try out music related technology, and he is a self proclaimed amateur coffee snob.

Mindy Perret

Office Administrator 

Mindy is married to Eric. They have eleven children. Mindy grew up in Desloge, Missouri. She has been our office administrator since 2010.  At church Mindy can be found meeting new people, crunching numbers, and making sure everything is running smoothly. Outside of church she likes to spend time with her family and reading.

Linnette Woodson

Family Ministries Coordinator 

Linnette is married to Brian. They have three children. Linnette grew up in Vista, California. She has a  Liberal Studies degree  an emphasis in English and Social Studies from Cal State University of San Marcos.  Brian and Linnette have been our children's church coordinators since 2007.   At church Linnette can be found teaching children hand motions to worship songs, interacting with parents, and ensuring volunteers have everything they need . Outside of church she likes to teach middle school history, reading, planting flowers, and working out. 

Alana Ankrom

Creative Director, Missions Coordinator

Alana is married to Jordan. She grew up in Farmington, Missouri and went to college at The College of New Jersey to study biomedical engineering.  After graduation and some missions abroad she has returned to her hometown to serve in several ministries at Parkland Chapel. She can be found in the sound booth, making videos or helping in youth ministry. Outside of church she enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and home improvement.

Debbie Hamby

Service Director

Debbie is married to Bob. She has two daughters.  Debbie was born and raised in Park Hills/Farmington area and she has a BA from Harding University in English and Business Administration. Debbie organizes and plans services, directs services and practices to ensure everything runs smoothly. She works in tandem with Jerrod to lead the worship  team. Debbie loves to sing, and make people happy with delicious baked goods.

Dave Talley

Worship Team and Facilities Assistant

Dave grew up at Parkland Chapel serving in various capacities. He joined staff in 2021 following high school graduation. Dave upkeeps the grounds of the church. He also prepares the stage for worship and practices every week. Dave co-hosts a food podcast called Food For Thought.

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